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The week that was

Money, money, money. It’s dominated this week’s headlines and kept us on our toes. But what else has been happening around town? Read more

Friday Fry Up

Welcome to Friday! So what happened in the world while you were asleep?

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We made it

Friday, Friday, Friday.

After a long week at work or school, the word chimes with the promise of a well-deserved weekend.

But what lessons have we learnt from the past week?

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The Night That Was…

As Thursday morning breaks, so too does the news cycle.

But not all of the news is as you would expect.

So from tough grandmas and prehistoric discoveries, let’s see what weird and wonderful things have been going on in our world lately.

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News Wrap: Cheap Tuesday

From cheap movie tickets to quality talent show The Voice, Tuesday nights have really stepped up. So, to those just stretching their legs this Wednesday morning, what exactly did happen overnight? Read more

News wrap: Usual Friday night

Accused murderers have been cleared, Kevin Rudd is back home, Azaria is once again back in the news… all just in time for the weekend.

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News wrap: Kevin Rudd, wanted men and drug busts

When chefs get fat

It seems like you can’t escape back-stabbing, controversial announcements and front page news in Australian politics these days.

So, after a brief mention of Gillard and Labor party tricks, let’s have a look at what else is happening around the land of Oz.

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News Wrap: The Bold (Rudd) and the Beautiful (Gillard)

Opinionator: Assange defends BoltAll other news was shoved to the side overnight, Kevin Rudd once again dominating the news lists.

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Opinionator: K-Rudd said f#@*ing what!?

News Wrap: K-Rudd’s dummy spit

Politics is generally very dry toast but with the recent heating up in both Federal and State parliament, the toast has been burnt to a crisp, lathered in Vegemite and now comes with a side of Campbell’s soup. Read more

Breakfast Wrap: Carbon tax outlined; NoTW

Breakfast Wrap: Carbon tax revealed; NoTW

Julia Gillard announces the specifics of the carbon tax and The News of The World scandal continues. Monday’s breakfast wrap has a sense of deja vu! Read more