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The Night That Was…

As Thursday morning breaks, so too does the news cycle.

But not all of the news is as you would expect.

So from tough grandmas and prehistoric discoveries, let’s see what weird and wonderful things have been going on in our world lately.

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As Monday draws to a close, we all breathe a sigh of relief.

But some of us were hit with a case of Monday-itis worse than others…

Time for some coffee, I think.

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Infographics - because words make us glaze over.

Infographics reloaded – the web edition

We’ve learned that folks love learning-pictures, hate reading words. So here’s more infographical prettiness… Read more

New threat video shows dissent within Anonymous.

Startling new Anonymous video shows group rift

Since the “Facebook threat” vid last week, there’s been talk of an rift within Anonymous. Now we have video proof. Read more


Google+ – a nicer sort of social media experience

Google has been going well (read: gangbusters) with its latest toy – Google+. After social efforts Buzz and Wave failed very publicly, this time the Googlers are confident. Why? Because G+ is the nice network. Read more

FAIL: Anonymous "Leak" Public Information

FAIL: Anonymous “leak” public information

Those pesky hackers Anonymous love bragging about penetrating mainframes across the globe. But this time they may have celebrated too early. Read more

Rhino gets in the Irwins' grill: This week's viral vids

This week’s viral vids

A drunk-as-a-skunk Amy Winehouse, the weirdest bike crash you’ll ever see and When Animals Fight Back episode #789. This week’s viral vids lulz at other’s expense.  Read more

Pandora: the sound of money being printed.

Pandora’s box (and IPO) is full of money

US-only web music discovery service and web radio station Pandora‘s founder and investors are now rich, despite the fact that they haven’t figured out how to make the company profitable. Nomatter – they’ve made it profitable for them. Read more