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Hackers have never had it so good!

More than just open plan

The Facebook headquarters in California show that Mark Zuckerberg has a great eye for interior design. Read more

Smash this game in a tantrum and it'll cost you...

Boardgames are sooooo last century

If you’ve been following the plight of boardgame makers (who hasn’t?), you’d know they’re struggling to stay relevant in the iPad age. Finally, a solution: play on top of the ‘Pad… Read more

Maybe Zuck will be able to afford a shirt with a collar?

Facebook files for IPO, like Zuck needs more cash

Overnight, Facebook registered with US regulators to send the company public. What does that mean? A new kind of Facebook share (bazinga). Read more

What are you people doing with those mobiles??

Tech infographics-a-go-go: the web in pictures

If you thought we loved infographics you’d be right. If you thought there wouldn’t be an one about mobile phones and poop, you’d be wrong… Read more

Pretty stats on sex, energy, gaming and Facebook.

Infographics: sex, gaming, FB, energy and CVs

They’re baa-aack – the best infographics from around the interwebs to keep you informed with pretty colours. Read more

A conversation with Siri - and other odd stuff.

Man v machine (having a moment)

Apple’s Siri is a “personal assistant” that’s supposed to be your best friend. Rodney Chester sat down for a D & M … Read more

The AI assistant with a heart of gold...

“Siri, I need to dump a body…”

For those lining up for an iPhone 4S, the eerily accurate Siri is one of the main drawcards. Apple engineers have ensured she’s more helpful/hilarious than you thought… Read more

Nerds' pixels erect over iOS5 - here's why.

Applegasm – activating the new iOS5 features

Phone nerds (ahem) have been up since sparrowfart updating their iDevices with Apple’s new operating system – iOS5. So what’s shiny and new and how do you get it? Read more

The world pays tribute to an icon.

Steve Jobs tributes: a memorial roundup

Unless you’ve been living on the sun, you’ll know that Apple’s creative genius Steve Jobs died yesterday. Here is how the world remembered him - and, at the end, an eerie comment from Jobs himself … Read more

Steve Jobs found dead at 56. World mourns genius

Steve Jobs found dead at 56. Tributes pour in, web melts

Whether you’re an Apple fanboy or not, former CEO Steve Jobs was undeniably a leader and business genius. The web is melting with news that he’s been found dead. RIP, Steve. Read more