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Opinionator: Hey girl, I saved your life

It’s time to stop talking about Ryan Gosling’s random acts of kindness and go back to the topic of his chiseled jaw.

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Opinionator: Weigh more, pay more

Should people pay if they pack on the pounds?

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Jason Russell

Kony 2012 guy loses it

Not even two weeks after making the world’s most popular viral video, the pressure has gotten to one of the creators.

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Sci-fi pain ray becomes a reality

The future is now, a new army microwave weapon can drive away humans from over 200m away without bullets, explosions or traces of anything really. Read more

Websites commenters are the worst people in the world

Who on earth is Joseph Kony?

In between ads and Farmville invitations, Facebook sometimes uses its powers for good.

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Raise the roof: Gillard on Triple J

No use crying over spilt leadership

While Labor is taking Monday’s leadership challenge very seriously the online community has exploded with content poking fun at the spill.

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