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Here's looking at you...

Here’s looking at you…

To the brunette with the brown-striped top who got off at Nerang at 6.50, thankyou for making my day, coffee? Read more

Here's looking at you..

Here’s looking at you

Dark hair, black dress, brown bag, you got off at Roma Street about 5pm from the city-bound Cleveland train after only a few stops. Wow. Coffee?  Read more

Check out the weird/wonderful callouts in today's mX

Here’s looking at you

To the hot brunette in the sexy red dress last Friday at about 10pm at the Emporium Hotel, you left before I had a chance to talk to you. How do I find you? Read more

Weird and wonderful callouts in mX

Here’s looking at you, kid

To the QR guy at Bowen Hills platform 2, you’re smoking hot. Dinner?  — Checkout the callouts in today’s mX. Read more

Here's looking at you

Here’s looking at you

To the guy in the leather jacket and blue skinnies who got on the Caboolture train at 7.18am on Monday in Ipswich, you looked lonely.Allow me to keep you company. Read more