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What a wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-ze!

Barrel roll+: wackiest Google Easter eggs

What’s an Easter egg in the online sense? A hidden trick or strange function built in just for fun – and Google is the master of ‘em… Read more

Cash, cheque or phone? Here comes Google Wallet.

News Wrap: the web’s two cents on Google Wallet

Google is on a mission to integrate credit cards and ye olde folding stuff into your phone. Enter Google Wallet … Read more

Google+ and how to G+ame it (kinda)

Best Google+ cheat sheets

Google’s shiny new social network this week hit a milestone with Google+ passing the 20 million user mark. If you snagged an invite, here’s a roundup of the best tips.  Read more


Google+ – a nicer sort of social media experience

Google has been going well (read: gangbusters) with its latest toy – Google+. After social efforts Buzz and Wave failed very publicly, this time the Googlers are confident. Why? Because G+ is the nice network. Read more