News wrap: Usual Friday night

Accused murderers have been cleared, Kevin Rudd is back home, Azaria is once again back in the news… all just in time for the weekend.

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Raise the roof: Gillard on Triple J

No use crying over spilt leadership

While Labor is taking Monday’s leadership challenge very seriously the online community has exploded with content poking fun at the spill.

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News wrap: Kevin Rudd, wanted men and drug busts

When chefs get fat

It seems like you can’t escape back-stabbing, controversial announcements and front page news in Australian politics these days.

So, after a brief mention of Gillard and Labor party tricks, let’s have a look at what else is happening around the land of Oz.

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Opinionator: OMG, McDonald's Does the Right Thing

Opinionator: Fighting a losing battle

Brace yourself K Rudd. “Too many reasons why Rudd should be resigned to losing,” Opinionator February 23.

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News Wrap: The Bold (Rudd) and the Beautiful (Gillard)

Opinionator: Assange defends BoltAll other news was shoved to the side overnight, Kevin Rudd once again dominating the news lists.

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"It's on - scout's honour!"

Rudd resigns, ready for redhead rumble?

This time, it’s personal. No prizes for guessing what his next move is… Read more

Check out the rockstar monk, a.k.a. China's Oprah...

Opinionator: Meet the rockstar monk, a.k.a. China’s Oprah…

What’s the bet THIS rockstar leaves his hotel rooms nice and tidy? “ChinaWatch: Meet number one rockstar monk,” Opinionator: Feb 20. Read more

Opinionator: K-Rudd said f#@*ing what!?

News Wrap: K-Rudd’s dummy spit

Politics is generally very dry toast but with the recent heating up in both Federal and State parliament, the toast has been burnt to a crisp, lathered in Vegemite and now comes with a side of Campbell’s soup. Read more


Opinionator: Farewell, fair lady

The vultures are circling. “Last call for Julia Gillard.” Opinionator, February 18.

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Xbox 3D?

The rumour mill is in hyperdrive over Microsoft’s next generation video game console, branded Xbox 720 by media and code-named Durango by the company itself.

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