Booing is a sports fan's right and duty.

Booing: A sport’s fan’s right and duty.

Who boos? You boo! Wait…you do! Oops. Boo-hoo. Opinionator, March 19. Read more

Jason Russell

Kony 2012 guy loses it

Not even two weeks after making the world’s most popular viral video, the pressure has gotten to one of the creators.

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Opinionator: Baby's first bling

Opinionator: Baby’s first bling

Behind the decision to dress your child in diamonds lies good old cultural angst.

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Sci-fi pain ray becomes a reality

The future is now, a new army microwave weapon can drive away humans from over 200m away without bullets, explosions or traces of anything really. Read more



As Monday draws to a close, we all breathe a sigh of relief.

But some of us were hit with a case of Monday-itis worse than others…

Time for some coffee, I think.

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Opinionator: Actress vs magnates

Size doesn’t matter in the fight between Cate Blanchett and Clive Palmer.

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Websites commenters are the worst people in the world

Who on earth is Joseph Kony?

In between ads and Farmville invitations, Facebook sometimes uses its powers for good.

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Opinionator: Here comes the bride, make way for the zimmer frame...

Opinionator: Here comes the bride, leave room for the Zimmer frame.

Well, they did say people were leaving marriage til later – 98 is later right? Opinionator, Mar 5. Read more

Opinionator: Teen Exorcism Squad

Opinionator: Move over Powerpuff Girls – Teen Exorcism Squad to the rescue!

Wanna know if the devil lives inside you? Opinionator, Mar 1

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Opinionator: While Labor self-immolates, workers want answers.

Labor’s “self-immolation” is not the main game? Huh. Opinionator, February 27.   Read more

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