Friday Fry Up

Welcome to Friday! So what happened in the world while you were asleep?

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Opinionator: Doom, gloom and not so much boom

It’s post-budget day… Sometimes, you just can’t escape the woe of depressions, missiles, and marriage. That is, unless you’re a Centro litigant.

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Sugar: sinfully sweet, not addictive.

No sugar-coating here – The Punch’s Susie Burrell gives critics of the sweet stuff a caning. Opinionator: May 7 Read more

We made it

Friday, Friday, Friday.

After a long week at work or school, the word chimes with the promise of a well-deserved weekend.

But what lessons have we learnt from the past week?

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The Night That Was…

As Thursday morning breaks, so too does the news cycle.

But not all of the news is as you would expect.

So from tough grandmas and prehistoric discoveries, let’s see what weird and wonderful things have been going on in our world lately.

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News Wrap: Cheap Tuesday

From cheap movie tickets to quality talent show The Voice, Tuesday nights have really stepped up. So, to those just stretching their legs this Wednesday morning, what exactly did happen overnight? Read more


Opinionator: Titanic. It’s a word associated with disaster, and now Clive Palmer.

Clive wants to rebuild that unsinkable ship that infamously sunk. Says he wouldn’t want to die wondering, y’know.  Opinionator: May 1 Read more


Opinionator: A Complete guide to “Hipster racism”. Sigh.

Hipster Racism? Geez, in my day it was “hip to be a square”. Oh wait,  that was Sesame Street. Opinionator: April 27. Read more

Opinionator: Silence is golden


Ah, who doesn’t like a little bit of quiet time in this fast-paced world of ours?

So sit down, be quiet and get reading.

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Opinionator: Charles Darwin, scientist extraordinaire and…racist?

It seems he’s wasn’t the most modern fellow in his views about race. Ouch. Opinionator: April 19 Read more

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