Opinionator: Depp recounts his time with Hunter S.

Opinionator: Depp reflects on Hunter S.

He knew I worshiped him, and I know that he loved me, so he may have been part father figure, part mentor, but I’d say the closest thing is brothers. Opinionator: October 29. Read more

Steve Jobs is watching you

Steve Jobs is watching you

He’s always watching. There is no escaping his piercing gaze and thoughtful eyes, no matter how many times you beg Siri to “make it stop”. Read more

The Drawing Board

Drawing Board

You just can’t get enough. So here’s more than enough – pictorial political hilarity… Read more

Opinionator: Assange defends Bolt

Opinionator: Assange defends Bolt

However much you disagree with Bolt, the ”hate speech” law under which he was prosecuted is more offensive than he is. Opinionator: October 28. Read more

Oh boy.. that's gotta hurt!

Friday Fails

The best of the October fails – from the FailBlog. Read more

NewsWrap: The real slumdog

NewsWrap: A real Slumdog Millionaire

Another $160 million of taxpayer’s coin gone; Gillard can’t get a rental; and the impoverished worker who won $US1 million on an Indian game show.  Read more

Opinionator: Crazy Katter and his stupid mates

Opinionator: Crazy Katter and his stupid mates

Bob Katter wants a return to some mythical Wild West frontier land where decisions are made at ten paces. Opinionator: October 27. Read more

Pretty stats on sex, energy, gaming and Facebook.

Infographics: sex, gaming, FB, energy and CVs

They’re baa-aack – the best infographics from around the interwebs to keep you informed with pretty colours. Read more

NewsWrap: Sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll

NewsWrap: Sex, Drugs, Rock ‘n’ Roll

The Government’s “free computers”; how Amy Winehouse died; Leo’s babe-slaying rampage continues. Read more

Kids react to stuff, hilarity ensues

Kids react to stuff, hilarity ensues

Kids say the craziest things! They’re also brutally honest. Read more

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