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Opinionator: First you twist it

From Oreos supporting gay marriage to people offering a life-time’s supply of beer for a job, what’s next?

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Opinionator: It’s a White Christmas

In 1942 Bing Crosby, along with the Ken Darby Singers and the John Scott Trotter Orchestra, recorded “White Christmas,” a single which became a best-seller.

Why they recorded it at the end of May I do not know, but there are plenty more inexplicable things happening sixty years later.

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Opinionator: Tetris trailer and more

There’s nothing better than a weekend of Eurovision. But, outside the war of crazy costumes and startling key changes, what went on in our world?

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Monkeys, prostitutes and stingy fiancés

What a colourful, diverse world we live in. Website creators are household names, age holds no barriers when it comes to picking up work. Even dads are learning a thing or two about parenting. Read more

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God, not just the creator anymore. Enter “The Punisher”

Oh God. Boffins now say God’s your go-to-guy for life’s dirty work.  Opinionator: May 24 Read more

Opinionator: A torch the Nazis lit

The Olympic flame carries more than just the spark of the games.

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Friday Fry Up

Welcome to Friday! So what happened in the world while you were asleep?

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Opinionator: Doom, gloom and not so much boom

It’s post-budget day… Sometimes, you just can’t escape the woe of depressions, missiles, and marriage. That is, unless you’re a Centro litigant.

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Sugar: sinfully sweet, not addictive.

No sugar-coating here – The Punch’s Susie Burrell gives critics of the sweet stuff a caning. Opinionator: May 7 Read more

We made it

Friday, Friday, Friday.

After a long week at work or school, the word chimes with the promise of a well-deserved weekend.

But what lessons have we learnt from the past week?

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