Opinionator: The Countdown

It’s only 35 days (or 34 depending on the time difference) until the Olympics and 181 days until the Mayan calendar predicts the end of the world. So as we count down until the greatest sporting event of all time and make the most of our time before the December 21 apocalypse, what else has happened in the world?

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Opinionator: It’s always the butler

According to any literature or any Murder, She Wrote episode, the butler invariably did it. But while the Vatican tries to put a lid on its boiling scandal, we can’t forget the other weird and wacky things happening ’round about.

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The week that was

Money, money, money. It’s dominated this week’s headlines and kept us on our toes. But what else has been happening around town? Read more

The Night That Was…

As Thursday morning breaks, so too does the news cycle.

But not all of the news is as you would expect.

So from tough grandmas and prehistoric discoveries, let’s see what weird and wonderful things have been going on in our world lately.

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News Wrap: Cheap Tuesday

From cheap movie tickets to quality talent show The Voice, Tuesday nights have really stepped up. So, to those just stretching their legs this Wednesday morning, what exactly did happen overnight? Read more

Opinionator: You're not meant to be comfortable on the dole

Opinionator: You’re not meant to be comfortable on the dole

Treating genuine welfare recipients like benefit cheats is like confusing survival with comfort.

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Opinionator: Flight mode

That was the sound of Australians getting bitten by the travel bug.

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Jason Russell

Kony 2012 guy loses it

Not even two weeks after making the world’s most popular viral video, the pressure has gotten to one of the creators.

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Sci-fi pain ray becomes a reality

The future is now, a new army microwave weapon can drive away humans from over 200m away without bullets, explosions or traces of anything really. Read more

News Wrap: Qld police grilled, Twitter sued, kids fat

News Wrap: No honeymoon for Qld Police at Watson trial

Our kids are losing the battle of the bulge, Rudd still avoiding the big questions and Twitter legal action begins. Read more