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Blender: not pretty, alarming, effective.

Behold! It lives!

Well, that was a nice siesta. Thanks for bearing with us during our hiatus – but now we’re back – all guns blazing out the best news and weird stuff from around the web. So brace yourselves. Read more

Gaddafi's death: The reports, the reaction

Gaddafi’s death: the reports, the reaction

Deposed Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi has been killed in his home town of Sirte. The reports are in. Read more

A conversation with Siri - and other odd stuff.

Man v machine (having a moment)

Apple’s Siri is a “personal assistant” that’s supposed to be your best friend. Rodney Chester sat down for a D & M … Read more


Maps of Angst: Occupy activity mapped worldwide

The Occupy Wall St movement seems to be gathering momentum – and it’s now got a visual home. Behold – a heatmap of anger… Read more

The week's premium pictorial pearlers...

The Drawing Board

The news wheel keeps on turning, and cartoonists keep on poking fun at it on paper. Here are the best toons of the last week…
Read more

The AI assistant with a heart of gold...

“Siri, I need to dump a body…”

For those lining up for an iPhone 4S, the eerily accurate Siri is one of the main drawcards. Apple engineers have ensured she’s more helpful/hilarious than you thought… Read more

He was an adult until his iPhone got bricked...

iOS5 Fails – another brick in the iPhone wall

The new Apple iOS version has tons of bells and whistles, but that’s not much chop if it bricks your phone. Here’s a roundup of iOS5 bile, including a special bile report from The Courier-Mail‘s Radar Editor Rod ChesterRead more

Nerds' pixels erect over iOS5 - here's why.

Applegasm – activating the new iOS5 features

Phone nerds (ahem) have been up since sparrowfart updating their iDevices with Apple’s new operating system – iOS5. So what’s shiny and new and how do you get it? Read more

The Drawing Board

The Drawing Board

It’s been a huge week in news, so let’s see how the nation’s funniest scribblers digested the major events … Read more

How the great escape was reported...

Us and them: the Wallabies’ victory around the web

We Aussies are never parochial (cough), but how did South African, Kiwi and local sites report our world cup win? Read more

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