The week that was

Money, money, money. It’s dominated this week’s headlines and kept us on our toes. But what else has been happening around town?

Hulk Smash! How Much Damage Would The Avengers do to New York? – by Katherine Cooney
We all love The Avengers. We rave about it. But what kind of damage would the dynamic super team really do to a city in their quest to save the world?
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She told me to 

Shortly after a meeting with a fortune teller, a British woman locked her children in their rooms, confiscated their light bulbs, toys and mattresses and later made two of them work as slaves for Roma people, otherwise known as gypsies, prosecutors said. The abuse apparently lasted for six years.

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Ultimate Bucket List

Ever thought about making a bucket list? Well, join the cue.

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It’s not over yet

According to the Mayans, the world is NOT going to end in 2012. Phew!

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Art of Schizophrenia

Have a listen, increase your awareness.

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