Opinionator: Tetris trailer and more

There’s nothing better than a weekend of Eurovision. But, outside the war of crazy costumes and startling key changes, what went on in our world?


You have reached level five.

Someone really needs to send this to Steve Spielberg. Sooner rather than later, before Woody Allen nabs it. 

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Back to work!

Staying motivated at work can be hard with Facebook statuses to like and astoundingly deep thoughts to Tweet. But that’s not all that’s distracting us…  

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Nice crown

Selfies were always a bad idea, particularly when they get you sent to prison.

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Embrace those inner voices

Okay, it might sound crazy, but you know that nagging voice in your head? Well they’re actually there to help things get done.

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C’est vrai!

You know how we always thought Yowies were made up? Well, we were wrong! Read the compelling truth.

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