Opinionator: It’s a White Christmas

In 1942 Bing Crosby, along with the Ken Darby Singers and the John Scott Trotter Orchestra, recorded “White Christmas,” a single which became a best-seller.

Why they recorded it at the end of May I do not know, but there are plenty more inexplicable things happening sixty years later.

Prison, sweet prison

Looking for a new home? Something a little spacious with a fantastic array of facilities and beautiful secluded views to boot? Why not put an offer in for a former prison?

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Bieber the boxer

Has the pop sensation finally snapped? According to TMZ, the Biebs allegedly assaulted a photographer. The singing heart throb has not made any comment.

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Is that you, Dave?

There are a lot of ways to identify an animal. You can check it’s ears, check it’s fur, even check it’s droppings. But there is another way.

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Battleship battle cry

Hate losing? Well, these mathematicians have taken it to a whole new level. Hopefully they come up with a foolproof way to win Solitaire next.

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A cold one

Beer, Australia’s favourite beverage. But if you don’t like the taste of beer, don’t cross it off your list just yet. There are many, many more ways to enjoy a cold one.

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