Opinionator: A torch the Nazis lit

The Olympic flame carries more than just the spark of the games.

“A torch the Nazis lit”, by Guy Walters, The Guardian

It took the Nazis to realise the full propaganda potential of the Olympics, and thanks to them the torch quickly became a symbol more of political willpower than harmless sporting pageantry.

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“Payback for a Facebook tax refugee”, by Bruce Ackerman, Los Angeles Times

The number of Americans renouncing their citizenship grew from 238 in 2008 to 1,534 in 2010. This sixfold increase no doubt includes a hefty portion of super-rich cosmopolitans. Citizens of Davosland, they can look with disdain upon the struggling 99.9% who believe that a commitment to their country is a lifetime affair.

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“Nuns on the Frontier”, by Anne M. Butler, The New York Times

While the current debate has focused on the nuns’ progressive stances on birth control, abortion, homosexuality, the all-male priesthood and economic injustice, tension between American nuns and the church’s male hierarchy reaches much further back.

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“US politics gets ugly as economy teeters on the edge”, by Nick O’Malley, The Sydney Morning Herald

As experts warn that the economy could fall off the “fiscal cliff” when the various patches the divided Congress put together in lieu of a budget expire later this year, politicians have been reduced to finger-pointing and bellowing.

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“The black-tie dinner at an Oxford college that told me dress codes do matter”, by John Walsh, The Independent

In the very dining-hall where the undergraduate David Cameron once breakfasted on toast and Frank Cooper’s marmalade, the new generation are shovelling down porridge in their night attire. No wonder the Brasenose principle used nanny language to dissuade them (“I trust that this slovenly practice will cease forthwith.”)

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Amy Kelly

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