Monkeys, prostitutes and stingy fiancés

What a colourful, diverse world we live in. Website creators are household names, age holds no barriers when it comes to picking up work. Even dads are learning a thing or two about parenting.


Parenthood is fraught with challenges. Do you let your kids walk home from school? Do you force them to compete in soccer until they are ready to join the Roar? Do you speak to them in English accents to make them think you’re British?

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Working class student

More than ever, kids are feeling the pressure of growing up, finding a job and becoming sensible, law-abiding adults. But what’s better? Working for money or grovelling for some work experience?

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Mark Zuckerberg is in a relationship

He’s the man of every social media fantatic’s dreams… but forking out for an engagement ring for his one and only was a little bit too hard.

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Prostitute and Proud

You need to love your job and be proud of it. Age should be no barrier. Just ask these Amsterdam twins.

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Monkey business

We may complain about delayed flights but that is nothing compared to the funny business that delayed a Beijing-bound flight yesterday.

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