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God, not just the creator anymore. Enter “The Punisher”

Oh God. Boffins now say God’s your go-to-guy for life’s dirty work.  Opinionator: May 24

“Need someone to do your dirty work? Try God,” by Tory Shepherd, The Punch

Punishing the baddies is only fun in the movies. In real life it’s messy, expensive, and fraught with guilt and danger. So why not outsource it?

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“Sex and Punishment: 11 of the Most Outrageous Cases of Sex Being Criminalized Throughout History,” by Eric Berkowitz, The Huffington Post

Sex and Punishment did not start out as a project about sex. My initial, admittedly overambitious, goal was to write a narrative history of the law using colorful cases as examples.

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“A good mind to ignore experts,” by Jane Fynes-Clinton, The Courier-Mail

Their mouths move and words spill out, but it is what politicians don’t say that attracts as much attention as what they do. Body language is the source of endless conversation, conjecture and theory.

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“Confirmed: Geeks are the Best People to Watch Movies With,” by Michael Ann Dobbs, io9

Want to enjoy a pure movie-going experience? You’re going to have to stay up late. 

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“Does Your Relationship Pass the 1920s Marriage Test?,” by Madeleine Davies, Jezebel

We tend to think that romance and relationships have gotten more complicated as we tumble further into the world of Grindr apps and online dating. 

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-Lara Lauth-