Opinionator: Weigh more, pay more

Should people pay if they pack on the pounds?

“Weigh more, pay more”, by Peter Singer, Al Jazeera.

We should think of the size of the human population not just in terms of numbers, but also in terms of its mass.

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“The royal me”, by Matt Siegal, The Atlantic.

ONE DOESN’T EXPECT one’s first brush with royalty to take place in a food court. Yet here I am, sitting in a sticky pleather booth at a Sydney shopping mall with Princess Helena, a quiet, matronly woman in her mid-60s, and her emphatic, 40-something daughter, Princess Paula.

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“I’ll lead the cheers when the NRL abolishes cheerleaders”, by Sam Squiers, The Punch.

If the new ARL Commission wants to do something positive about the involvement of women in rugby league, then they can get rid of the Cheerleaders.

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“With miners like these, who needs friends?”, by Annabel Crabb, The Drum.

Fair dinkum, has Wayne Swan actually got these miners on his payroll? There could be no better explanation for the recent cavortings of Australia’s most famous prospecting trio, Messrs Palmer and Forrest, and Mrs Gina Rinehart.

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“Bligh raises the white flag in Queensland election”, by Tony Wright, Sydney Morning Herald.

No one has seen the like of it: a government conceding defeat – no, a wipeout – before an election. Labor Premier Anna Bligh’s beleaguered Labor government in Queensland has rolled out an advertising campaign which accepts that it will be smashed on Saturday, but which pleads for mercy.

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