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Opinionator: Just because you live in a flat, doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a bit of peace

Peace on earth… and in apartment blocks.

“Just because you live in a flat, doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a bit of peace”, By Mary Dejevsky, The Independent

Not so long ago, managers of a block of flats in south London gained brief notoriety for setting rules that forbade – among other things – late-night television, early-morning whistling in the shower, and prams and bikes anywhere at any time.

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“Monkey, pig and Stooges – what a circus this is”, by Jacqueline Maley, The Sydney Morning Herald

If question time was a YouTube video, this is what it would look like. Meanwhile, because things weren’t weird enough yet, independent MP Bob Katter released a YouTube video of himself breakdancing.

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“Dennis Waterman and the ‘problem with strong, intelligent women’”, By Naomi McAuliffe, The Guardian

Despite admitting violent abuse and, by way of a justification, his own intellectual inadequacy, Waterman claims: “She certainly wasn’t a beaten wife, she was hit and that’s different.”

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“When the Good Do Bad”, by David Brooks, The New York Times

It’s always interesting to read the quotations of people who knew a mass murderer before he killed. They usually express complete bafflement that a person who seemed so kind and normal could do something so horrific.

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“Searching for Sydney’s Snooki in The Shire”, by Lucy Kippist, The Punch

Fake boobs, tattoos, cat fights, home-wreckers, trips to the mall, visible panty lines, Brazilian waxes, endless domestics and lashings of designer fashions.Let’s not beat around the bush, we love reality shows because they’re trashy.

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