"No more angry fists! No more angry ..."

We protest! When fierce public dissent goes bad

Every country’s folk have their own unique/unhinged way of protesting. Like ridiculous accents, everyone has a unique way to draw attention to themselves, and their cause…

So let’s take a trip – call it “Around the World in 80 protests”. (NB: all 80 links may not be visible to all readers…)

In Australia, we mob our Prime Minister and steal her shoe. We the consider selling it on eBay but then return it.


The British riot, their normally suppressed behaviour and dignified accents bursting out in long and violent protests by spotty youths.


Americans, who carried the world record for the most obesity (that is until, Australia’s fatties took over), just sit around and wait for world peace to come to them.


In Siberia, they alternate between angry protests, either clad in warm woollen coats and protesting about Vlad… Or representing their cause with toys.


Those in Jakarta use comically large props. Which is always fun.


And in New Zealand they flash mob. Or is that flesh mob…


- Brittany Vonow -