Opinionator: To infinity and beyond!

Opinionator: To infinity and beyond!

Buzz Lightyear eat your heart out: “This woman could take us to infinity and beyond,”. Opinionator: Feb 16.

“This woman could take us to infinity and beyond,” by Daniel Piotrowski, The Punch.

A NASA astronaut probably won’t be the next person to take a small step for man on a planet or moon a giant leap away from Earth. The US space agency is a shadow of its former self, facing death of a thousand budget cuts. Its space shuttles are retired, their replacements canned.

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“Welcome to the House of fun with all the muck that’s fit to rake,” by Tony Wright, The Age.

All you need to know about the state of affairs in Canberra is that question time was interrupted yesterday by a debate about the difference between ”muck” and ”muckraking”.

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“Santorum: Birth control ‘harmful to women’,” by Jennifer Rubin, The Washington Post.

Yesterday I speculated on some of the reasons Rick Santorum has problems with women voters. This interview from 2006 sure isn’t going to help.

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“Which College Majors Screw Over Women the Least?” by Erin Gloria Ryan, Jezebel.

The bad news: women still only make 81 cents for every dollar a man earns, and the higher a woman’s education level, the bigger the gap between a woman’s pay and her male counterpart’s pay. The good news: some college majors set female graduates with bachelor’s degrees on a path that actually puts them on course to earn almostexactly what their male counterparts earn. Almost-hooray!

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“Our kids need the right kind of authority,” Editorial, The Advertiser.

FIFTY years ago, children who stepped out of line were soundly beaten for their own good; twenty years on, parents softened their line and a caning became a smacking. The message, however, remained the same: The parent is all-powerful. 

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“The Empty Nester: 2012 Word Trends — So, Like and WhaaAAAaahhhh-T?” by Bonni Brodnick, The Huffington Post.

With uncanny adroitness, my husband and I bantered in perfect 2012 lingo. And with no Gen Xers or millennials in the vicinity to ridicule my retro-linguistics, I’ll tell you (and don’t tell the children), it was a totally tubular moment.

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-Lara Lauth-