Opinionator: K-Rudd said f#@*ing what!?

News Wrap: K-Rudd’s dummy spit

Politics is generally very dry toast but with the recent heating up in both Federal and State parliament, the toast has been burnt to a crisp, lathered in Vegemite and now comes with a side of Campbell’s soup.

Happy Little Vegemite

The footage of Kevin Rudd’s outburst has gone viral, with more than 160,000 views in just a couple of days. And somehow, just like when he admitted he had gone to a strip club in 2007, the revelation has rocketed him back into the limelight.

MPs have already taken sides, Labor back-bencher Darren Cheeseman urging the Prime Minister to quit and Andrew Wilkie revealing a secret meeting he had with Rudd about a possible leadership challenge.

But Julia Gillard also has her backers, Bendigo member Steve Gibbons tweeting “only a psychopath with a giant ego would line up again after being comprehensively rejected by the overwhelming majority of colleagues” and old rock ‘n’ roller Peter Garrett backing the female PM.

The Age

Battle of the Sexes: Campbell VS Anna (plus Kate)

The state election campaign is officially underway. Cue pink balloons and blue t-shirts!

Anna Bligh has thrown her support behind Kate Jones and the seat of Ashgrove on the very first day. Both women are campaigning strongly in the hope Jones will be able to hold Newman back from taking over Queensland.

Meanwhile, Campbell Newman has also begun his campaign trail in Ashgrove and still refuses to name the LNP’s Plan B should his historical and controversial campaign fail. His faithful shadow, Jeff Seeney, will be close behind.

And Katter’s there too, clinging to his Akubra hat and 9 per cent swing in the recent preliminary polls. Hopefully his flamboyant style continues throughout the campaign.

The Courier-Mail

We will remember them

Seventy years on from the bombing of Darwin, the worthy diggers and Australians have been remembered.

The bombing was the first and largest attack on Australian soil and was remembered by PM Julia Gillard as the darkest day in the darkest year of 1942.

The rememberance service included a re-enactment and the services themselves are set to become annual events.

NT News

I Will Always Love You

Whitney Houston and her voice was remembered over the weekend, with around close 1500 family and friends of the singer paying tribute to her life.

Dedicated performances from Stevie Wonder and Alicia Keys were joined by a moving speech from Kevin Costner, the singer’s co-star in “The Bodyguard.”

There was a little tension in the air with Houston’s ex-husband, Bobby Brown, storming out of the ceremony, but in all, the ceremony celebrated the singer’s amazing life and voice.


Do a Bradbury

A decade on, the skills of Steven Bradbury have been remembered.

Who will forget Bradbury managing to stay on his feet and skating his way into the history books as Australia’s first gold medallist at a Winter Olympics?

Steven is now a motivational speaker.