Smash this game in a tantrum and it'll cost you...

Boardgames are sooooo last century

If you’ve been following the plight of boardgame makers (who hasn’t?), you’d know they’re struggling to stay relevant in the iPad age. Finally, a solution: play on top of the ‘Pad…

Kids these days. They don’t want to sit down as a family around a game of Monopoly and fight like cats and dogs anymore. They want to play on their phones and iPads.

Zapped - Scott Baio's "finest" work

Not that Zapped, idiot. Can

So the game nerds at Hasbro have come up with the zAPPed range of iOS-integrated board games. So the iPad forms part of the game board. And the really clever part? The game pieces have coded capacitive pads on the bottom so the game/iPad knows whose pieces are moving where.

Snazzy, no? Hasbro have worked hard to take every useful, real-life skill out of the equation: replacing old-fashioned paper money are debit cards that you swipe across your phone. The correct funds are automatically added or subtracted from your account – no more practising pesky addition or subtraction for you, kids!

When boardgames become bored games  - classic boardgames revamped.



Mousetrap - full size

Can't wait to see them to the high-dive.

Real-size Moustrap – The trouble with mice is that they’re so small. And they’re not kids. UK kids gameshow Motormouth solved both problems by torturing crushing entertaining kids with a segment where the kids played the role of the mouse in a full-size Mousetrap set.





But where

Boggle – this one was always going to become an app. (But what about that ker-clunk! sound of the popper popping.) The EA released Boggle Bash – everything you like about Boogle, with added cheesy Price is Right imagery and multiplayer pressure!




Vegetable-free fun!

Vegetable-free fun!

Mr Potato Head – Why play with plastic game pieces to construct the classic anthropomorphised potato when you can play with a plastic gaming device with a screen that does just the same thing!