The LNP dirt files

The complete LNP dirt files on the ALP

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE. Read the secret LNP dirt dossier Campbell Newman didn’t want you to see.


The Courier-Mail today published the dossiers that showcase the bareknuckle arena of state politics.

Disenchanted Labor staffer Robert Hough wrote the files at the request of the LNP. Hough was paid $3075 to write on 49 of Labor’s 51 MPs – outgoing MPs Desley Boyle and Judy Spence were not included.

The Courier-Mail has edited the dossiers for legal and taste reasons.

References to the sex lives of MPs, the names of their children and schools and allegations of drinking problems have been deleted. Enough information remains to provide readers with a valuable insight into state politics.

LNP leader Campbell Newman yesterday asked The Courier-Mail not to publish the dossiers in any form. We believe readers deserve to see the files to better understand the way Queensland’s major political parties work.

Michael Crutcher

editor, The Courier-Mail



Faction: LEFT

Union: ASU


* Got degree from University of Queensland: Bachelor of Arts, majoring in social sciences

* Ran student election team known as EAT, became vice-president of QLD union, part of team was Rod Welford

* Protege of Anne Warner, Meredith Burgmann and Peter Beattie

* Married to Greg Withers. First met in Sydney. First date was Leonard Cohen concert. Greg was a union official in Sydney and flatmate of Greg Combet

* Eldest of four children, father was alcoholic who left when she 13. Father died in 2002 on Bribie Island. She did not attend funeral

* Runs marathons, active cyclist

* Worked as senior policy officer in Department of Education and training involved in EBA negotiations

* Current ALP federal president


* Still best person to lead ALP election team, no clear successor

* Very strong media performer

* Strong parliamentary performer

* Loyal ministerial office, good staff relationshi

* Relatively loyal Caucus

* High recognition factor

* Polling had bounced back

* Union official ASU and LHMU in Sydney

* Greg Withers is a senior public servant, was also Goss government adviser


* Government has been in 20 years

* Relationship with own faction and unions in it including ETU and CFMEU

* Asset sales

* Her ministerial record, asbestos in schools, child safety

* Hospital payroll

* Federal president of ALP in a conference year

* Holidays in Sydney that were not declared

* Financial position of the state

* Flood reconstruction and flood inquiry

* Seen as being tricky and liar

* Can be very volatile, not strong under pressure has tendency to lash out, though she managed the flood issue well

Cameron Dick

Member for Greenslopes

Faction: AWU

Union: AWU


* Married with two children

* Member since 1989

* Close to Milton Dick, his brother and member for Richlands in BCC and was state secretary of Qld ALP

* Protege of Bill Ludwig

* Has been a senior policy adviser in Beattie Government

* Bachelor of Arts, Law and Commerce from University of Queensland

* Has Masters of law from Cambridge University

* Part of ALP state campaign committee

* Was also attorney-general for Tuvalu and had volunteered there for three years during the 1990s

* Was working as barrister prior to election

* Elected 2009

* Has been Attorney-General, Minister for Industrial Relations and Education Minister since 2009


* Strong parliamentary performer

* Seen as future leader

* Gary Fenlon would only give up seat to him, as Steven Beckett was circling seat and Fenlon hates Beckett with a passion

* Has done well as a Minister, well respected in the department

* Strong campaign team

* Will be well funded and resourced by the AWU and head office

* Performance has led him to be seen as future leader – if floods had not occurred, most probably could have been

* Polished media performer

* Understands elections


* Not strong on local issues. Profile high as Minister, not as a local member

* Has not been able to build up local connections, especially with community groups, as has been Minister since election

* If suburbs swing, he will fall

* If he loses, not likely to return to state politics. Most likely to return to the bar or federal politics, Senate seat

* Relationship with Fenlon has fallen since election as Fenlon does not support Bligh

* People don’t vote for electorate offices, they vote for members

* Has temper tantrums within ministerial office

* Seen as threat by Bligh. Is being watched by Bligh and Fraser

* Will lack time in the electorate

Andrew Fraser

Member for Mt Coot-tha

Faction: Old Guard

Union: NUW


* Born: Proserpine

* University medallist Griffith University in law and economics

* Lives: Bardon

* Married with two children

* Protege of Beattie

* ALP organiser at both state and national office

* First elected in 2004

* Was Minister for Local Government in 2006, became Treasurer in 2007. Now also Minister for State Development


* Well-spoken, presents extremely well

* Understands campaigning, particularly marginal seats

* Leads Government in parliament, is the main attack dog, along with Deputy Premier

* Works well with Premier. Politically very savvy. Key parliamentary adviser to Premier

* Will be the next leader of party if he survives election

* Strong media performer

* Good networks with business

* Management of issues

* Strong ministerial office


* Architect of assets sales

* Qld economy

* Loss of triple-A credit rating

* Never worked in real world, always worked in the party

* Bad relationship with unions, led the fight for expulsion of Peter Simpson

* The ultimate party hack

* Led council amalgamation process, still strongly disliked for what happened in many regions of Queensland

* Time spent locally on the ground in the electorate

* This is a Bligh/Fraser government

* Poor relationship with Paul Lucas and his factional organiser Chris Forrester

Kate Jones

Member for Ashgrove

Faction: Old Guard

Union: ASU


* Married with one child, Thomas. First minister in Qld to have child while in office

* Husband Paul Cronin was senior media adviser to Beattie and Bligh and now works in media for QR national

* Joined party in 1996 due to Pauline Hanson

* Was educated at Kelvin Grove High School and has journalism degree from QUT

* Has also worked as an organiser for the ALP – was Old Guard organiser

* Worked as media adviser to ministers Hamill and Schwarten

* Won seat in contested pre-selection. Didn’t have support of previous member Jim Fouras

* First elected in 2006, re-elected in 2009

* Was appointed Minister in 2009 as Minister for Environment


* Good parliamentary performer, solid ministerial performer

* Strong media performer with good media contacts, as has her husband

* Close to Bligh and Fraser

* Seat will be sandbagged with resources and logistics by party

* Well-liked in the electorate

* Hard worker

* Strong connections with community groups, such as P and Cs


* No life experience outside the party – is a complete product of her faction and the party

* Campbell Newman

* Anna Bligh, which is both a weakness and a strength

* Never really achieved much for the electorate

* Can be tested under pressure

* Not a strong and active electorate office, which will now be put under extreme pressure

* Resources will have to be used to protect her

* Unlikely to get much support from ASU due to her position on asset sales

* Strained relationship with her faction’s ALP organiser

Paul Lucas

Member for Lytton

Faction: AWU

Union: AWU


* Grew up in Brisbane, has one sister

* Adopted

* Educated at University of Qld, has Bachelor of laws, economics and MBA

* Has four children, was married to Sharon, a Federal Police officer

* Was a solicitor prior to election

* Was elected in 1996 in by-election replacing Tom Burns

* Has been a minister since 2001

* Has been deputy premier since 2007

* Epileptic

* Rugby union referee, loves the Reds

* Partner is Alison Smith, who was his media adviser. She now works for Rio Tinto in a public relations capacity


* Attention to detail

* Leader of the Right faction

* Good parliamentary performer, with witty turn of phrase

* Well known in the electorate

* Loyal to Premier, has proved to be a good deputy for her

* Dominates Cabinet and caucus

* Will get AWU support if he wants it

* Good media performer, reasonable relationship with Queensland press gallery

* Staff that work for him are often very loyal, particularly ex-ministerial staff

* Works caucus well, particularly new members


* Qld Health payroll, which is now a very large albatross around his neck

* Hated by many caucus and factional colleagues, including Mickel and Kerry Shine

* Suffers from paralysis of analysis – nothing happens in portfolios he leads, never delivers

* Delivery of Go card

* Professional critic of everybody else’s cabinet submissions

* Disliked by many in public service as nothing ever happens, things get stuck in his office or there are multiple rewrites

* Spends more time worrying about letter responses than service delivery

* Strained relationship with Fraser, as Fraser has taken a more dominant role in government

* Disliked by many in AWU, seen as not delivering for the faction and union

* Caucus bully

* Can be arrogant with staff, stakeholders – particularly business.

* Would have left but can’t find position in the corporate sector

Neil Roberts

Member for Nudgee

Faction: Old Guard

Union: Was ETU


* Born: Charleville

* Married, with two daughters

* Worked as advocate for vehicle builders for one year, worked as OHS trainer for ACTU Queensland branch, worked as industrial advocate with the ETU for seven years

* Member of ALP since 1981

* First elected 1995

* Qualified electrical fitter and mechanic

* Has Bachelor of Business from QUT

* Has MBA from QUT

* Was parliamentary secretary to Deputy Premier from 2004 before he became Emergency Services Minister in 2007, is also now Police Minister.

* State conference delegate from 1988 to 1994

* Member of Industrial Relations Society Qld


* Well liked in caucus

* Nudgee has been strong ALP area

* Floods – played critical role

* Is close to Bligh, worked as her deputy for many years

* Respected by public service

* Strong ministerial office, has done well in ministry

* Good relationship with media

* Good relationship with councillor at Nudgee, Kim Flesser. His wife works for Roberts

* Knows how to campaign

* Good electorate office


* Has shut down personal website, could retire at this election

* Some in his ministerial office are fighting for his seat

* Closeness to Bligh

* Has not really delivered for the electorate

* Was challenged for pre-selection in 2009

* Relationship with ambulance unions and firefighters in EBA

* Though seen as a good minister, can be seen as weak in delivering for frontline staff

* Verbal attacks on police and emergency service workers

* Chief of staff was the person who was involved in Merri Rose case

Stirling Hinchliffe

Member for Stafford

Faction: AWU

Union: AWU


* Married to Megan with three children

* Was president of Australian Young Labor

* Worked as policy adviser in BCC under Jim Soorley

* Bachelor of Arts from University of Queensland

* Lives Chermside West

* Policy manager Property Council of Australia

* Founding president of Chermside Historical Society

* Before election was self-employed property analyst

* Has lived in the electorate since the age of four. Went to Craigslea State School and High School

* Was first elected in 2006

* Became parliamentary secretary after 56 days, covering Main Roads then Infrastructure

* Appointed Minister for Infrastructure in 2009, and in 2011 was appointed Minister for Mines, Skills and Employment


* Ministerial staff understand campaigning

* Has ex-Northern Territory branch secretary George Addison on his staff, who understands marginal seat campaigning

Will prepare well

* Strong knowledge of his community and groups in it

* Strong electorate office that will prepare well for the campaign

* Is now not responsible for Airport Link

* Good links with the Catholic Church. Stafford area very Catholic – described as a “Catholic ghetto”

* Will receive AWU support and resources

* Wayne Swan – from a campaigning perspective

* Will get Young Labor support


* Airport link: Major effect on his electorate – hated by residents

* Not a strong parliamentary performer

* Is seen as a weak minister dominated by department

* Did not drive major projects such as Gina Rinehart and Clive Palmer’s Galilee Basin projects – the department is quite dysfunctional

* Is close to Lucas and followed him into his portfolio

* Belittled by Premier’s staff

* Not strong in Question Time, not quick on his feet

Vicki Darling

Member for Sandgate

Faction: Old Guard

Union: ASU services


* Born: Brisbane

* Joined ALP at age 20 in 1987

* Married to John, has two children

* Was senior public servant in Department of Premier and Cabinet under Beattie

* Has also worked as travel agent for Flight Centre and TAFE lecturer and recruitment consultant

* Grandfather Jack Melloy was member for Nudgee from 1960 to 1977

* Mother is Elaine Darling, who was member for Lilley from 1980 to 1993


* Presents well

* Strong at social media, very good website

* Speaks well

Active electorate office

* Area has had long Labor tradition

* Wayne Swan – from a campaigning perspective

* Family connections – she is Old Guard royalty

* Works well with Victoria Newton, BCC councillor for Deagon. Almost a double act in the area


* Did not turn up for opening of Ted Smout Bridge – biggest infrastructure project in her electorate – as she was overseas on holiday at time. Wanted date changed, which was refused

* Can be lazy and bit of a diva at times

* Gordon Nuttall

* Noise barriers

* Environmental issues after flood affecting the bay

* Fishing restrictions

Karen Struthers

Member for Algester

Faction: Left

Union: ASU clerks division


* Born in Adelaide

* Grew up in Archerfield; mother was a single parent of four children

* Educated at Salisbury High School

* Good at track and field

* Has Bachelor of Social Work, with honours from the University of Queensland

* Has Masters in public sector management from Griffith University

* Was Queensland Council of Social Service assistant director prior to election

* First elected in 1998 as member for Archerfield. Has been member for Algester since 2001

* Council member for Griffith University

* Algester branch member

* Was campaign director for Moreton campaign in 2001 and 2004

* Active in Labor for refugees

* Parliamentary secretary for health since 2007

* Minister for Community Services and Housing since 2009


* Strong relationship in ethnic communities

* Strong branch network

* Redistribution picked up Browns Plains and Hillcrest off John Mickel, which were his strongest areas

* Understands campaigning

* Will get support from the ASU, both financially and logistically

* Good parliamentary performer

* Close to Premier Anna Bligh


* Lost driver’s licence – was three times over the limit and lost licence. Described by Bligh as a “bloody idiot”, but kept position. She was treated differently to ministerial staff, who lost their jobs automatically

* Has been accused of slapping Family First candidate at Algester polling booth during 2009 election, and assaulting Ronan Lee just before federal election in 2004

* Has volatile temper

* Her role in pushing for Peter Simpson’s expulsion may cause ructions in the Left faction between industrial left such as the ETU and the soft left unions such as the ASU

Julie Attwood

Member for Mt Ommaney

Faction: Old Guard

Union: CPSU


* Born: Bundaberg

* Graduate Certificate of Case Management from Deakin University

* Was manager of Indooroopilly CES prior to election


* Well known in the community. Will use incumbency, particularly sporting and community groups, very effectively, particularly Jupiter’s casino funds

* Will attack around local government issues, particularly Cr Bourke – has a very strong dislike of him

* Works well with Quest papers, not good on radio. Example: interview with Michael Smith


* Not particularly active at the moment, difficult to determine how committed to running again

* Will neglect areas such as Corinda

* Building of Legacy Way. Centenary suburbs will be the missing link. What will the State Government do and will they be able to fund it? Lost better campaigner to Graham Perrett’s office

* Can fall asleep in Parliament

Michael Choi

Member for Capalaba

Faction: AWU

Union: AWU


* Born in Hong Kong

* Moved to Australia in 1975

* Bachelor of Engineering from University of Qld

* Became CEO of project engineering company

* Deeply committed Christian


* Good electoral office with strong media skills, one of his advisers was a media adviser

* Will receive support from AWU

* Good connections in Chinese, ethnic communities

Well liked in the electorate and in Caucus


* Frustrated by lack of rise and being ignored in faction

* Loyalty and friendship to Mickel has cost Michael promotion

* Has strained relationship with Lucas

* Has lost licence due to his lead foot, lost parliamentary sec position in transport because of it

* Independently wealthy, one of the wealthiest members of the ALP Caucus. Not dependent on a pension

Peta-Kaye Croft

Member for Broadwater

Faction: Left


* Mother lives in Brisbane in public housing. They have a strained relationship

* Divorced – first husband Adam Croft is a lifeguard, second husband Gary is a builder (not politically active)

* Worked as tour guide with JTB on Gold Coast and Uluru and speaks fluent Japanese

* Never expected to win, in fact had to be brought back to party when she had won


* Will be the Gold Coast face of the Commonwealth Games

* Has name recognition in the electorate

* Has perception as a hard worker

* Is the only person who can win the seat for the ALP – if not there, they cannot win


* Relationship with staff has high turnover – more than 22 staff have been through office. One was charged with theft

* Has perception among ministerial offices as a diva and not very bright

* Poor relationship with Gold Coast City councillors, particularly Division 3′s Grant Pforr

Di Farmer

Member for Bulimba

Faction: Old Guard

Union: QPSU


* Trained speech pathologist

* Was senior policy adviser to Premier Beattie

* Worked as a publisher for Jacaranda Books

* Was a senior public servant in the Department of Sport

* Testified before CMC in the sports rorts affair

* Old Guard as faction seem to get involved in scandals. Examples are Gordon Nuttall, Simon Tutt, Terry Mackenroth, Michael Dart at Mitchelton – which involved again sports funding


* Good campaigner, understands marginal seat campaigning

* Gateway upgrade benefiting residents

* Old Guard area from Kevin Rudd through to Shayne Sutton

* Well-liked by parliamentary colleagues


* Has taken some heat from some of her colleagues over her evidence in the sports rorts affair

* Not a great relationship with Pat Purcell, who was previous holder of the seat

* Andrew Fraser’s eyes and ears in Caucus

Mandy Johnstone

Member for Townsville

Faction: Left


* Educated at St Mary’s College, Townsville and James Cook University in social welfare

* Related to, and is close to, Lindy Nelson Carr

* Carr’s husband Russell, who was the Meatworkers Qld secretary, now works in her office

* Was seen as surprise choice

* Headline in Townsville Bulletin was “Mandy Who?”


* Has people around her who are experienced in campaigning

* Cyclone Yasi is something to campaign on


* Running against best candidate of LNP in Townsville

* Ineffective, has achieved little – both on the ground in electorate and parliament

* Closeness to Lindy will work against her. Lindy’s hatred of Premier is well known

* Weak media profile

* ALP will protect Wallace rather than her if swing is on

* Is a parliamentary plodder with no vision for Townsville

Margaret Keech

Member for Albert

Faction: Left

Union: ASU


* Is married to Peter, who has been an elected member of the Fadden FEC and is a bit of a left-wing warrior

* Has worked as a teacher in Malaysia, PNG and Japan

* Socially conservative, voted against government in conscience vote

* Current government whip since 2009

* Helped develop Sunday markets in Beenleigh


* Good networker

* Strong name recognition

* Good relationship with Albert and Logan News and Gold Coast Bulletin – as good as it can be with the Bulletin

* Reasonable relationship with the canegrowers in the area

* Only she can win the election


* Bad parliamentary performer

* Very weak in Question Time

* Tried to make taxpayers pay for donation to breast cancer

Betty Kiernan

Member for Mount Isa

Faction: AWU


* First member to be born in the electorate and first woman to represent the electorate

* Close to Bruno Cullen – ex-CEO of the Broncos

Loves cigarettes, poker machines and her grandchildren – she has two, who now live on the Sunshine Coast

* If branch preselection occurred, would not win


* Good relationship with local government

* Good results for the electorate

* Good relationship with Xstrata management – particularly CEO Steve De Kruiff around the issue of lead

* Good relationship with the Premier, Steve Keating, Steven Beckett and Paul Lucas and now Bill Ludwig, who is now very supportive. Local organisers are not


* Volcanic temper – highly volatile

* Doesn’t like people. Will try to campaign from the office and micro manage it

* Will not doorknock or do small meetings

* Poisonous relationship with Tony McGrady and Sandra McGrady and the local branch

* Does not understand postal voting

Steve Kilburn

Member for Chatsworth

Faction: Old Guard


* Has run in 2006 in Hinchinbrook, got a 9.3 per cent swing when he was officer in charge of Tully fire station

* Had 23 years in the Navy – nine fulltime, 14 in reserves

* Very active during Cyclone Larry as disaster coordinator in Tully and Mission Beach


* Strong background in emergency services, law and order

* Has achieved some good local results, such as the building of Carina police station


* Likely to be sacrificed as a seat by the ALP

* Will not a get a lot of resources if they believe swing is on. Will not be sandbagged

* Will have to get resources for himself, including people

* Has strained relationship with Chris Forrester, ALP assistant secretary, who wants seat for himself


* If screwed over, could be likely to go it alone

* Has not done a lot of media opportunities with the Premier

Simon Finn

Member for Yeerongpilly

Faction: Left

Union: CFMEU mining division


* Born Williamstown, Victoria

* Grandfather was Mayor of Williamstown

* Has Bachelor of Arts in social science and Graduate Diploma in industrial relations


* Left-wing factional warrior . . . loyal to Premier

* Premier’s eyes and ears, with Murray Watt, in Left Caucus

* Good recognition in regards to the community

* Strong relationship with left-wing unions

* Good relationship with Graham Perrett, the Federal Member for Moreton


* Relationship with Nicole Johnstone is still strained

* More focused on his political advancement rather than on his electorate

* Asset sales will see him lose some support to the Greens

* Not a strong parliamentary performer

* Factional player. If left begins to implode, as it seems to be currently doing, it will impact on him and divert time away from the electorate

Grace Grace

Member for Brisbane Central

Faction: Old Guard


* Has Bachelor of Labour Studies

* Was organiser in FSU finance sector union

* Is related to the Bellino family – Gerry is an uncle. He was prominent in Fitzgerald Inquiry

* Became secretary of QCU in 2000, was first female secretary of the organisation


* Has strong name recognition

* Good relationship with media

* Reasonable relationship with licensees in Fortitude Valley

* Good relationship with Chinese community

* Peter Beattie will assist


* Ran guerrilla campaign to get rid of the Premier, which lacked support in both unions – no support from Bill Ludwig and the left unions

* Not well liked in Caucus, many members do not like her self-promotion

* Is frustrated by lack of promotion

* Not a very hard worker

* Now has bad relationship with Premier and Fraser over her attempted coup

Paul Hoolihan

Member for Keppel

Faction: Old Guard


* Born: Longreach

* Prior to election, was solicitor in North Rockhampton for 23 years

* Also worked for Justice Department

* Head of Parliamentary CMC

* Big rugby union and league fan


* Good parliamentary performer

* Well known in the electorate, strong with community groups

* Close to Schwarten, who will work to protect him and provide him with resources during the campaign


* Yeppoon: growing area of self-funded retirees – generally they do not vote Labor

* Asset sales affected campaign supporters, volunteers and union support to him – particularly members in the RTBU and AMWU

* Frustrated that he has not risen through the ranks

* Can be outspoken in Caucus, which has not made him friends at times

* Not a strong media performer

Jan Jarratt

Member for Whitsunday

Faction: Old Guard


* Born in Miles, educated at Warwick

* Divorced. Two sons from first marriage. Remarried in 2007. Husband Ziggy is a photographer

* Had 3 per cent swing to her in last election, went against the trend

* One candidate in 2004 was eliminated as he was a Nazi


* Has strong understanding of tourism. Will get kudos for that locally but will have to deliver

* Close to Andrew Fraser, will get announcements out of Budget

* Well liked among colleagues


* How committed is she to running again? Was expected by ministerial colleagues to pull pin at this election

* Issues with electoral staff

* Issue of how she used her allowances

* As minister won’t have the time to commit to running marginal seat campaign as she will be in Brisbane at least three days a week

* Attention to detail is not strong, could be tested at estimates

Peter Lawlor

Member for Southport

Faction: Left


* Has worked in Durban and Port Moresby

* Educated at Southport High School and Marist Brothers Ashgrove

* Long-term member of Gold Coast Turf Club board


* Good reputation, particularly among legal community which is based on Southport

* Does very well in suburbs Keebra Park and Southport

* Well-liked by colleagues on both side(s)


* Identified as face of the Gold Coast for Labor

* Government plans for the Spit – anything that is proposed, such as cruise ship terminal, could be terminal for him

* Perception in community that they haven’t delivered for the Gold Coast


* Walked or pushed away from Ministry – is his heart still in it?

* Bad relationship with Southport Hospital

* Allconnex water – he voted for it

Carolyn Male

Member for Pine Rivers

Faction: AWU


* Was member for Glasshouse. Left seat in 2009 when boundaries changed, and for the shopping

* Husband Bill was also a ministerial adviser in Goss and Beattie governments

* Hobby is bodyboarding

* Was first female whip of the Labor Party; now is deputy whip

* Was parliamentary secretary for education but left role due to ill health and chronic fatigue syndrome


* Good marginal seat campaigner

* Incumbency, knows the electorate

* Strong links with Deputy Premier and Premier’s office


* Often seen as difficult by ministerial offices

* Can’t run on record in the seat as she does not have one

* Is a ring-in in terms of the seat and someone who cut and run from her original seat

* Health: How committed is she to the seat, is she running for the pension?

John Mickel

Member for Logan

Faction: AWU

Union: MEAA


* Married to Catherine, was head of the Australian Physiotherapy Association and is active as a lobbyist for Boystown

* She is very political and has strong political antennae

* Has Master of Arts in Literary Studies


* Extremely well organised and experienced office. Cheryl has worked for him for over 20 years

* Brilliant public speaker

* Well respected by business in Queensland

* Loyal to the party when he shouldn’t be

* Aware of the political situation – potential leader of opposition

* Ministerial staff who worked for him are very loyal and will work for him during campaign


* Anna Bligh – extremely poor relationship

* People in the ALP are wanting his seat and would like him to leave

* Struggles to deliver for the seat

* Can be indecisive

Jo-Ann Miller

Member for Bundamba

Faction: Left

Union: Unite (LHMU)


* Joined party at age 13 at Dinmore branch

* Married to Neil, has two daughters

* Has Bachelor of Business from QUT, majoring in public administration

* Was Queensland public servant – managed daylight saving

* Elected 2000

* Was parliamentary secretary for health 2004 to 2006

* Mentor was Bill Hayden


* Outspoken

* Good relations with unions, particularly over her position on asset sales

* Area has been traditionally Labor


* Local branches – has been challenged twice. Good chance that she could lose if she loses pre-selection. Will be ugly fight

* Not well liked in both Caucus and ministerial offices

* Will never be promoted

Evan Moorhead

Member for Waterford

Faction: Left

Union: AMWU


* Has Bachelor of Arts/Law from University of Qld

* Girlfriend Siobhan Keating is lawyer who works for Slater and Gordon and was an industrial advocate for the AFULE (train drivers)

* Delegate at state and national conference

* Protege of Andrew Dettmer


* Future star of the Left

* Well spoken, presents well

* Has been a factional warrior in the Left and Young Labor

* Active in surrogacy debate


* Lives more often in Newstead with girlfriend rather than in electorate

* Frustrated by lack of promotion

* Asset sales – strong critic within Caucus, which has hampered promotion

* Caucus leak on occasion

* His progressive views could work against social conservative values of groups such as Samoans, who are active in electorate

* Has not achieved much for the electorate

Tim Mulherin

Member for Mackay

Faction: Old Guard

Union: ASU services Qld division


* Born and bred Mackay

* Family long history in ALP politics in Mackay

* Protege of Ed Casey

* Was ALP organiser 1994 to 1995, was Old Guard organiser

* Married to Erin and has three children


* Reasonable relationship with local government and ag organisations

* Safe pair of hands

* Influential in his faction

* Old school Labor

* Reasonable relationship with coal industry


* Will never drive his portfolio. Agriculture not a high priority of this government

* Not a strong parliamentary performer, but was never challenged

* Invisible in Brisbane media

* Demographics of Mackay are changing through growth of mining

* Regional minister – not in electorate as much as he would like to be

Lindy Nelson-Carr

Member for Mundingburra

Faction: Left

Union: Qld Teachers’ Union and AMIEU


* Teacher, taught in Sydney and Townsville High School

* Husband was state secretary of AMIEU

* Retiring at election

* Was member of Rising Sun Branch of ALP


* Candidate will be a woman – my guess is Jenny Hill, who is not part of the Left and is part of the AWU. She used to manage the numbers for Tony Mooney, although she could change to gain the seat or they could go the Mooney option again

* Left will want like-with-like and will need to have a high-profile candidate to take on David Crisafulli. There does not seem to be an obvious successor

* If candidate is not to Lindy’s liking, she could throw dummy spit and not help on the campaign

* Lindy was not happy with the Premier and did not take the dumping from Cabinet well. Has coasted through last term since, mainly as a mentor to Mandy Johnstone

* Lee Norris drink-drive case sacking while working for Karen Struthers also upset her, as he was close friend and work colleague of her husband and Lindy’s long-term chief of staff

Rachel Nolan

Member for Ipswich

Faction: Old Guard

Union: ASU services


* Born Ipswich

* Educated at Ipswich Girls Grammar School

* Has degree, BA Hons, from Qld University

* Worked as adviser to David Hamill and to Clare Martin in the Northern Territory

* Member of Australian Conservation Foundation

* Worked at Big W, also worked as nanny and account clerk

* Runs marathons


* Works well with Paul Pisasale

* Works well with Shane Neumann

* Reasonable relationship with Queensland Times


* Demoted as Minister

* Weak parliamentary performer

* Weak media performer

* Has spoken against lead issues in Mount Isa

* Does not present well

* Has not really delivered for electorate

Jason O’Brien

Member for Cook

Faction: Left

Union: Was ETU


* Was electrician in the Navy

* Was member of the ETU but has now been expelled over privatisation

* Rugby union referee


* Well known across electorate, travels widely

* Willingness to use social media, particularly Twitter


* Can be scandal-prone and gaffe-prone. For example: Winegate, Twitter about child safety. His office has been shot at

* Can be willing to upset ministers and Caucus colleagues

* Has not risen up the ranks, there is a level of frustration

* Not active in Parliament. Sees it has a good place to have a drink


* Relationship with indigenous community still rocky

* Service delivery, or lack of it, including infrastructure – particularly roads

Mary Anne O’Neill

Member for Kallangur

Faction: Left

Union: ASU


* Born: Tumut, NSW

* Daughter of a dairy farmer

* For the past eight years has been assistant secretary of the ASU, which covers workers across most industries

* Union likes to see itself as militant


* Good branch structure in area

* Area votes Labor traditionally

* Still gets support of Ken Hayward, who was a popular long-term member

* Will get the support and resources of her union to campaign

* Incumbency, will use community groups well

* Union role, understands how to campaign and organise


* Still getting known

* Not active in Parliament, is a bit of a plodder

* If there was an upper house in the state, she would be put there

* The seat is a reward for years of service to the union

* Will only ever be a backbencher

Annastacia Palaszczuk

Member for Inala

Faction: AWU

Union: QPSU


* Father Henry was member for Inala and Minister for Primary Industries and Water

* Has three sisters, she is the eldest. Nicknamed “the Polish princess”

* BA hons, Master of Arts university Qld

* Has two failed marriages, one to George Meglongenis (journalist) and Simon Emery – who was chief of staff to Joe Ludwig

* President Qld Young Labor

* Bachelor of Laws Qld University

* President of Australian Labor lawyers

* Studied at London School of Economics


* Her father was, and is still, liked in the area

* Good relationship with Murri and Vietnamese community and ethnic community

* Good parliamentary performer

* Presents well, AWU faction royalty

* If massacre, could become leader


* More interested in being Minister than representing locally

* Not much service delivery

Curtis Pitt

Member for Mulgrave

Faction: AWU

Union: QPSU


* Son of Warren Pitt, former Minister for Main Roads and Local Government in Beattie and Bligh Governments

* Bachelor of Arts (Politics) from James Cook University

* Was regional marketing manager for Birch Carroll and Coyle

* Has photo on website partying with stars of American Pie

* Was manager of indigenous jobs committee, which was another State Government unmitigated disaster

* Plays competitive tennis


* Genuinely nice guy, who is very good listener

* Will get AWU support and logistics. May get sandbagged to protect him now that he is a minister


* Part of political dynasty, following in the footsteps of father

* Well liked in Caucus, though his promotion has ruffled some feathers in the AWU faction such as Kiernan and Choi, who believe they should have a promotion

Phil Reeves

Member for Mansfield

Faction: Left

Union: Unite (LHMU)


* Was first elected in 1998

* Was a sports agent and marketing consultant. Clients included Jai Taurima

* Active in rugby league

* Married. Wife Megan. Has three children

* Played Anna’s voice in Caucus and in the Left faction

* Often looked after difficult members in the faction, such as PK Croft


* Strong links with community groups, both Islamic and Assemblies of God

* Well organised and will prepare well for the election

* Portfolio offers good photo opportunities

* Good relationship with Quest papers

* Very knowledgeable about the electorate


* Portfolio of Child Safety a very difficult portfolio, no wins in it

* Not a strong parliamentary performer. Very weak in Question Time. Can be challenged. Not strong on attention to detail

* Does not handle pressure particularly well

Stephen Robertson

Member for Stretton

Faction: Left

Union: United Firefighters


* Born in Aberdeen, Scotland

* Prior to election was state secretary and national president of the United Firefighters Union for 10 years

* Has Bachelor of Arts, with major in Oriental Studies from Griffith University

* Been parliamentary secretary to Deputy Premier since 1998

* Has had health problems, including heart attacks, during his ministerial term

* Wife is actively involved with Powerhouse theatre Brisbane

* Has portrait of himself in his ministerial office


* The best of the truly pathetic Labor health ministers in this state

* Will want to put his successor to replace him in the seat


* Mr Magoo of Queensland Ministers – wherever he goes, there is a disaster

* Problems on his watch almost derailed 2009 election campaign

* Has now stuffed up at the water inquiry

Mark Ryan

Member for Morayfield

Faction: Left

Union: CPSU


* Educated at St Eugene’s Morayfield and Nudgee College

* Bachelor of Arts/Law, major in International Relations and Economics from the University of Qld

* Worked at Telstra for six years as customer service/sales officer

* Rugby union supporter


* Getting known in the community, particularly schools

* Speaks well, presents well

* Future star of the Left

* Active electorate office which knows how to campaign

* Cleanskin, good at turning up to events


* Has achieved very little

* Morayfield Road upgrade delayed due to Budget cuts, which is a major concern to him

* Was still living at home with parents when first elected. I understand he has now moved out of home

Desley Scott

Member for Woodridge

Faction: AWU

Union: AWU


* Born: Toowoomba

* Father owned appliance store

* Was electorate officer from 1984 to 1990. Worked for both Bill D’Arcy and Mike Kaiser

* Publicity officer ALP Logan branch

* Strong Catholic


* Safe pair of hands

* Nice person

* Good with community groups, particularly Samoan groups


* Has not delivered much

* Not active in local media

* A plodder in a safe Labor seat

Robert Schwarten

Member for Rockhampton

Faction: Old Guard

Union: QTU


* Born: Rockhampton

* Married to Judy, two sons – one is a possible successor

* Family has long history in ALP politics in Rockhampton

* Has diploma of teaching and Bachelor of Education

* Likes roses and fishing

* Nickname is “Hammerhead”


* Strong parliamentary performer, can be quite humorous

* Very loyal staff

* Leader in Old Guard faction

* Close to BLF and QTU


* Judy Spence – special relationship

* Anna Bligh

* Kirsten Livermore – fought with her husband

* Has health issues

* Andrew Fraser – factional rival

* Fights in restaurants

Kerry Shine

Member for Toowoomba North

Faction: AWU

Union: ASU


* Was a solicitor for Shine Lawyers

* Dumped from Cabinet in 2009, now backbencher


* If he chooses to defend, will campaign well locally

* Only person from the ALP who can win the seat

* Important seat for the Government – one of only two seats that they hold west of the Great Dividing Range. Important for Bligh, as it shows they are governing for all of Queensland


* Weak electorate office, very poor politically. He will have to do much of the heavy lifting himself

* Poor relationship with Deputy Premier


* Money will not be an issue for him – one of the wealthiest Labor members

* Still has some involvement, not financial, and attends events involving Shine Lawyers

* Shine Lawyers running class action against State Government at Collingwood Park

Christine Smith

Member for Burleigh

Faction: Old Guard

Union: QPSU


* Was electorate officer to Mal Colston. Took blame for Colston travel rorts, but changed mind when told it could lead to a prison fence

* Went for job with Joe Ludwig, but was rejected for position as Bill was close to Mal Colston. Has strong dislike for the Ludwigs


* Strongest branch on the coast

* Works well on community issues, such as the rooftop bar

* Effectively uses Gold Coast Sun

* Only wants to be a good local member and Caucus secretary

* Only she can win the seat


* Not a dynamic person, no real vision for the electorate

* How committed is she?

* Will they resource her? The union that did was ASU services. It’s unlikely

* Some of her staff want her job and she knows it – eg Dan Byron

* Not interested in combined Gold Coast campaign

Barbara Stone

Member for Springwood

Faction: Old Guard

Union: BLF


* Worked at Australia Post as a mail sorter

* Was also electorate officer for Judy Spence

* Has degree in Human Resources from QUT


* Runs electorate office well, not strong branch structure any more

* Does Community Corners well in locations that are seen but cannot be talked to

* Reasonable relationship with Quest media


* Has been ignored both in faction and party for promotion and is quite frustrated with this

* Will sometimes break ranks from party colleagues. Did this in police negotiations

* Area has often been ignored by government

* Was part of Spence section of Old Guard, rather than Fraser, which is now in the ascendancy

* They need her more than she needs them. Can have strained relationship with party office, particularly Chris Forrester

* Is part of 2001 group that are now eligible for pension

Carryn Sullivan

Member for Pumicestone

Faction: AWU

Union: AWU


* Married to Jon Sullivan, who was federal member for Longman and also a state member

* Active in community groups, particularly around Bribie Island, which has been their base for more than 30 years


* Community groups, name recognition

* Sullivans’ political dynasty in and around Bribie Island for more than 20 years


* Not active in parliament

* Commitment to position strong. Possibility will run for pension only, as Jon is now not in Parliament. Unlikely to ever rise in the ranks of both faction and parliamentary party. Always overlooked

* Not a great parliamentary performer

* Weak electorate office, not active

Lillian van Litsenburg

Member for Redcliffe

Faction: AWU


* Born in Eindhoven, Holland

* Moved to Redcliffe in 1990

* Is a teacher and school principal


* Claims she delivered Kippa-Ring railway

* Good relationship with Federal Member


* Terrible public speaker, poor parliamentary performance

* Not well liked in the branches

* Green issues difficult to push when peninsula is being developed

* Described as “a diva that has to be managed” in ministerial offices. An example of this was the opening of the Ted Smout Bridge

* Has had staff problems. Complaints of at least two staff going to parliamentary services about her. One staff member leaked story to Courier-Mail about not-declared Broncos jumpers being used in office raffle

* Also accused of using electoral allowance to buy a dress for Virgin Airways ball, which was attended by Richard Branson

* Will always be a back bencher

Craig Wallace

Member for Thuringowa

Faction: AWU

Union: AWU


* Born Home Hill

* Father Don was candidate for ALP in 1989 election in seat of Burdekin

* Speaks and reads Mandarin fluently

* Very strong supporter of North Qld Cowboys. Likes his fishing and crabbing


* Very loyal to Premier

* When he concentrates, can get across a brief well

* Does well at boardroom dinners. Gets on well with business

* Very good connections with Townsville Bulletin, owns shares in a greyhound with the (former) editor Peter Gleeson

* Will get AWU support and logistical support. Bill Ludwig’s daughter, Carmen Meshios, is his current chief of staff.

* Thuringowa is best ALP electorate of the three in Townsville. May get sandbagged


* Can be lazy, often left office by 4pm

* Poor relationship with Brisbane media

* Has not really delivered for the electorate . . .

Murray Watt

Member for Everton

Faction: Left


* Married with one child. Wife Cynthia Kennedy is a ministerial adviser, who worked in the health portfolio under Steven Robertson

* Very active in the Left faction. Self-styled hardman in the faction

* Premier’s eyes and ears in Caucus. Replaced role played by Phil Reeves

* Worked as Premier’s Chief of Staff for five years

* Favourite of Premier Bligh


* Very knowledgeable about the workings of government

* Good speaker, is seen as future star of the Left and Government


* Has not delivered a lot for the electorate . . .

* Prefers ministerial side rather than MP side of the job

* Has been actively involved in many of the decisions that Bligh has been involved in as minister, particularly in regards to water


* Murray is not a man of the suburbs – more of the innercity. Does he relate to the electorate?

Dean Wells

Member for Murrumba

Faction: AWU

Union: AWU


* Philosophy lecturer at University of Queensland prior to election

* Recently remarried

* Attorney-General, minister for environment and minister for education in the Beattie and Goss governments.

* Ministerial career ended in 2004 when he lost factional support, which enraged his supporter Bill Ludwig

* Involved with Joanne Miller in trying to overthrow Bligh Government. Failed dismally

* Highly eccentric


* Good speaker, particularly in parliament

* Has had a lot of support from AWU in the past

* Has worked for constituents pro bono


* Attempted coup lost him support from within the faction

* Potential successor Chris Whiting wants his seat and he is from the Left

* Has not worked hard in the seat for a while

* Does not always follow the government line, sometimes needs to be managed

Wayne Wendt

Member for Ipswich West

Faction: Old Guard

Union : RTBU


* Born: Ipswich

* Educated at St Edmund’s College, Ipswich

* Family: Long-term QR workers

* Worked for Queensland Rail at North Ipswich workshops

* Bachelor of Commerce from Griffith University

* Worked as accountant in own business before election. Is a CPA


* Good worker in the community, active with community groups

* Works well with Federal Member for Blair

* Ipswich is an old guard area of strength


* Can be arrogant

* Has not achieved the position he probably should have. Is a bit frustrated

* Overlooked in faction

* Close to Schwarten

Steve Wettenhall

Member for Barron River

Faction: Left


* Is a qualified solicitor, had own business in Cairns

* Violin player, plays in local folk festivals

* Bushwalker

* Has just done bungee jump in Cairns


* Will be public face of all good news announcements that Bligh Government does in far north Queensland

* Presents well and speaks well

* Preferences from the Greens


* Bad relationship with ETU, has now resigned over privatisation. Described by ETU as “a monkey”

* Not seen as a strong member; called “wet” and “no balls”

* Not particularly active in parliament


* Will become public face of Cairns economy from a State Government perspective

* It’s time for a change

* Aligned with the Mayor

Geoff Wilson

Member for Ferny Grove

Faction: Left

Union: CFMEU (mining division)


* Is qualified as a barrister

* Was industrial advocate for the CFMEU prior to election

* Brisbane Lions fan


* Well respected and is good with community groups

* Has achieved results, in particular around Ferny Grove railway line and Ferny Grove railway station

* Well across the brief of his portfolios

* Solid in parliament


* Seen as not fighting asset sales decision in Cabinet and Caucus

* Relationship with unions, including teachers and ETU, is poor over enterprise agreements

* Follows Minister Lucas into any portfolio and there will be a range of skeletons that will arise. I speak from experience regarding this

* Health is a portfolio that is difficult and hard to manage, problems will arise

* Doesn’t like the media. Is not a strong media performer, particularly in regards to TV as he looks like Uncle Arthur


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