Opinionator: The not-so-humble retweet

Opinionator: The not-so-humble retweet

In order to retweet compliments, one must have a very particular type of personality: ambition coupled with insecurity. Opinionator: September 30.

“Sorry Joanie, I had to unfollow you”, by Hadley Freeman, The Guardian.

There have been various suggestions from great texts and leaders over the centuries about what signs will presage the coming of the apocalypse: “voices, and thunders, and lightnings” (Revelation); the legalisation of gay marriage (Pat Robertson); a painting that talks and steals Sigourney Weaver’s baby (Ghostbusters 2).

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“Friday Night Lights, Fevola and the d*ckhead rule”, by David Penberthy, The Punch.

There aren’t many television shows worth watching but I would urge everybody to go out and buy the five season DVD box set of the American drama Friday Night Lights. This critically acclaimed and largely unwatched program is ostensibly about the tribulations of a high school gridiron team in the fictitious Texan town of Dillon.

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“In a vegetarian’s world, no one can hear a carrot scream”, by Elizabeth Farrelly, The Sydney Morning Herald.

In what world could vegetarianism possibly be a dangerous idea? Except perhaps in a world run by vegetables. (And what would you call that? Hortocracy? Florigarchy? Vegetariat?) At this weekend’s Festival of Dangerous Ideas, the Eating Animals author, Jonathan Safran Foer, insists vegetarianism is socially, physically and culturally threatening.

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“Poker machine reform won’t work? Don’t bet on it”, by Tom Cummings, The Drum.

“Won’t work” has become the new black. Carbon tax? Won’t work, says the Coalition. Plain cigarette packaging? Won’t work, say retailers and the tobacco industry. Poker machine reforms? Won’t work, says the gambling industry. No proof is required; it’s enough to stare into the camera, look earnest and say forcefully, “It. Won’t. Work.”

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