Hooking up has never been so easy

Badoo – hooking up has never been so easy

Well I’ve heard of it*, cos I’m more hip than an ’80s businessman with a ponytail at a discotheque, but chances are you have no idea what a Badoo is.


No, it’s not interwebz speak for a crappy haircut. But it is the latest social network/sexy hook-up site gaining traction on Google machines worldwide.

A bastardised Facebook-cum-dating site, Badoo has more than 120 million users and is worth heaps of spondoola. Users update their location and Badoo whispers softly into their ears if a suitable and potential life partner/quick bonk is nearby, ready for some heavy petting.

It’s mostly popular in Europe (of course - unshaven legs, tight shorts, loose belts and looser morals) and South America, but what makes it the perfect mix of sex and awesomeness is the fact it was set up by a Russian dude. ‘Nuff said.

However, it is copping a hiding over its privacy policy. Users have been bombarded with sexy, pants-tingling spam messages and some smart guys at some place that rhymes with lamebridge ranked it on par with Libya for safety.

*I sit on a throne of lies.



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