Mmmm, new gadgetry - that you can't have yet.

Seven leaks that prove the iPhone 5 is close

Apple fanbois (and goils) are sweating on the next iPhone update. Here’s why it will be announced in late-Sept or very early October…

Will the iPhone5 save humanity, travel in time, or just make you a little misty in the groin? Yes, according to various fan sites, but the more realistic among the gadget world have noticed that hard evidence of a new iPhone is mounting and it’s pointing to a release within weeks.

As good as Steve Jobs and his minions are at locking down the details of their latest toy, the sometime most valuable company in the world has to get them made (China) and supply accessory makers with product specs. Close to release time, we start to see an uptick in leaks.

This time, most of them point to an iPhone 5 that’s the same size, but thinner and more rounded than the 4, with a larger edge-to-edge touchscreen, with a Retina display. When we’ll see it in Australia is another matter, but if you’re looking to upgrade, I’d hold off for about eight weeks to drool at the new device.

Here’s the, um, hardest of the evidence…

New Components … mmmm, odd battery love – via Mac Rumours. iPhone 5 battery

Covers – cheaper by the thousand! – via Geekopolis.

Ridiculously huge component orders – via CNet.

Component pile

North American carrier leaks – via MacTrast. (They’re betting on Oct 1.)

Canadan carrier hijinx

“Do not take holidays” edicts at Apple stores. via SlashGear. (They’re saying mid-late Sept.)

No holidays for you

Late iOS5 betas via The Washington Post. (They’re up to whopping Beta 6.)

iOS5 beta 6

And even the chassis on an assemby line – complete with spacesuit men – via Pocket Lint.


BONUS: App data confirms dual-mode CDMA and GSM iPhone 5 in testing - via Engadget.

The apps don't lie - iPhone5