Breakfast Wrap: July 29

Breakfast Wrap: July 29

Dam operators will be cleared of all wrongdoing in flood inquiry – Breakfast Wrap: July 29.

Wrongly damned: Operators get all clear
Dam operators accused of flooding parts of the southeast are set to be cleared of wrongdoing when a report into January’s disaster is released next week. [CM]

Carbon cop handed tough new powers
A new carbon cop will be given powers to enter company premises, compel individuals to give self-incriminating evidence and copy sensitive records. [The Oz]

Christine Nixon has lost the plot
Blames the bushfires commission, the media, News Ltd… everyone but herself.  [The Oz]
But she’s “not paranoid”  [ABC]

Gold Coast is gangster’s paradise
The number of gun licences on the Gold Coast has risen 36 per cent in the past three years. [BT]

Brett Stewart’s fallen star
He was once the face of the NRL but now Brett Stewart has to pay for his own boots [SMH]

Amy Winehouse killed by booze, family says
“Couldn’t take the withdrawal” [The Sun]
But has left a trove of new songs [The Guardian]

Tweet may have started LA riot
DJ tweeted party invite to 90,000 followers  [LA Times]

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